Roots Retold

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Handmade & Fair Trade

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& Communities

Roots Retold is a fair trade company that works in partnership with women’s

co-operatives, NGO's and artisans

from rural, tribal and urban communities

as well as innovative designers in India and South East Asia

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Roots Retold is  about rediscovering the value of hand-crafted creations and traditional techniques that have been passed down

from generation to generation.

It's about the skilful interlacing of warp and weft that create intricate designs

or the meticulous placement of a wood block that create arresting patterns



New Stories

Roots Retold is about

traditional stories told in a new way.

It’s about conversations being fostered between diverse communities

that promote ethical and sustainable practices, creating new perspectives and possibilities.

It's about ageless designs that have no geographical boundaries

It's about people and their life.